Conference summarizing the project "Intelligent Transport System in Bielsko-Biała"

konferencjaOn May 13, 2022 in Bielsko-Biała, a conference to summarize implementation of the Traffic Management System (ITS) project was held. The ITS project was carried out in two stages: the first stage was carried out in 2017-2018, the second, i.e. the expansion in 2020-2021. We acted as the Contract Engineer during both stages of the project implementation.

At the conference, our company was represented by Adam Kruczek, Contract Engineer, who summed up the stages of the project, presented the results of the work carried out and proposals for further development. Thanks to the implementation of the ITS system, the conditions in bus traffic were improved by reducing the travel time using the priority mechanism for these vehicles, as well as car traffic by improving the effective capacity of the street network covered by the project. As part of the ITS system expansion, additional 15 stop information boards, 15 parking information boards with two parking lots covered by occupancy monitoring, monitoring of the Hulanka tunnel with event detection, 131 additional cameras in the system, 3 variable message boards and 34 km of optical fibers were installed.
All solutions and tools implemented as part of the project affect the safety level of residents and increase the comfort of living in the city. Thank you for the good cooperation!