Cooperation with Hajnówka

ŻubrAt the request of the Municipality of Hajnówka, we are preparing a study entitled "Assessment of the level of development and structure of the institutional potential of the city of Hajnówka, together with recommendations for increasing the efficiency of the functioning of the office and municipal units providing public services". This is one of the elements of the project "Hajnówka OdNowa Green Transformation" implemented under the Local Development program, financed from the funds of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014 2021 and the state budget. This project is of key importance for the development of the city of Hajnówka.
One of our tasks will be to conduct an in-depth organizational survey in eighteen units of the Hajnówka Municipality and the Municipal Office. Based on the results, a SWOT analysis will be prepared along with recommendations for organizational changes in the surveyed municipal units providing public services.
The result of the work of our experts will be the development of sets of documents and procedures that will help improve the management of the city, and will have an impact on, among other things, increasing the efficiency of service to residents.