Cyber safe local government

logo ZTM PoznańAt the end of 2023, the call ended for the "Cyber Secure Local Government" program implemented under the European Funds for Digital Development, through which local governments will strengthen the resilience of IT and OT systems and create systemic support for incident response.
ThinkIt Consulting's team of experts with their knowledge and experience supported 12 local governments in obtaining funds by preparing applications for funding, conducting surveys of Cyber Security maturity in the units covered by the application for the purpose of preparing the concept for the implementation of the grant competition, and preparing the concept of the Task itself with the necessary argumentation based on KRI (National Interoperability Framework) and KSC (National Cyber Security System).

We are pleased to announce that all local governments have received positive formal evaluation and are waiting to sign the grant agreement. The amount of the grant was a maximum of PLN 850,000 per local government. The funds will allow the administrative units to update and upgrade systems and equipment related to IT security.

However, our involvement does not end there. The next step will be to provide consulting services at the implementation and management stages of the Projects. For local governments, we will prepare, among other things, tender documents for proceedings to select a contractor, we will supervise the implementation of the project from a formal and legal point of view, conduct monitoring of indicators specified in the grant application, and at the very end we will assist local governments in accounting for the grant.