Development of geodetic resources


Projects in the field of so-called e-geodesy are in the spectrum of our interest. This time, commissioned by the Mayor of Kepin County, a team of experts from ThinkIt Consulting prepared documentation for the project entitled Development of Geodetic Resources in Kepin County, necessary for the submission of a grant application under the measure Development of e-services and e-public resources financed by the European Funds for Wielkopolska.
As part of the implementation of the contract, documents were prepared:

  • Feasibility Study,
  • Material and Financial Schedule,
  • Financial and economic analysis spreadsheet of the project.

The projected budget for the call is PLN 70 million, and the announcement of the call's results is scheduled for October 2024.

So we are waiting impatiently for the announcement of the results of the call, and keep our fingers firmly crossed that the project in which we participated will be on the list of projects qualified for funding.

At the same time, we invite local governments interested in obtaining funding to cooperate with us!