Development of zero-emission transport in Czechowice-Dziedzice

Niebieski autobusThe development of zero-emission transport is an important direction of change in transportation in the coming years. Aiming to create the conditions for sustainable mobility will be achieved by providing an efficient, effective, intelligent and safe low- and zero-emission urban public transport system accessible to all users. Balancing transportation options in the city should be done by creating uninterrupted opportunities for movement by means of transportation, with the least possible pressure on the environment. Investment in public transportation will create a privileged environment for its operation, including its priority in urban traffic, giving it a competitive advantage and encouraging greater use by individual vehicle users. This is the direction in which the city of Czechowice-Dziedzice, located in the Silesian province, intends to develop its public transportation. It is here that we are starting cooperation with the Public Transport Company, and plans are in the works:

  • Purchase of electric (zero-emission) MAXI-class buses,
  • Construction and commissioning of a charging station for electric buses,
  • Purchase and launch of 3 dynamic passenger information boards.

European funds provide opportunities and possibilities to obtain funding under the program European Funds for Sustainable Mobility, RSO2.8 Supporting sustainable multimodal urban mobility as part of the transformation towards a zero-emission economy (ERDF). In order to apply for them, it is necessary to prepare carefully and prepare several documents, which is what ThinkIt Consulting's experts do.
Within the framework of cooperation with PKM Czechowice Dziedzice, we will prepare complete application documentation for the project applying for funding, and after obtaining funding, we will act as Project Manager, who will be responsible for, among other things:

  • coordination and management of the entire project tasks and supervision of the project team;
  • providing an opinion on the descriptive documentation of the subject matter of the contract and verifying the content of public procurement;
  • Providing formal and legal advice on the preparation and conduct of proceedings;
  • on-going monitoring of the Project, consisting of monitoring the achievement of the assumed objectives, results and products of the Project;
  • accounting for funds in the Project.

We look forward to fruitful cooperation and visible results!