Digitalization in Tarnobrzeg

laptop i ikonyIn cooperation with the Tarnobrzeg City Hall, the ThinkIt team is developing a project titled "Raising the standard of public e-services provision in the city of Tarnobrzeg," which is planned for funding under the European Funds for the Podkarpackie Region (FEPK) 2021-2027 Program, Priority 1 Competitive and Digital Economy, Measure 01.02 Digitalization.

This project aims to implement modern technologies and digital solutions in schools and educational institutions to improve the quality of educational services and improve communication between institutions and parents and students. It assumes the transformation of traditional administrative processes into processes based on digital technologies.

It is worth mentioning that investments in digitization are crucial for the development of the Podkarpackie region. The improvement of digital infrastructure, the development of e-services, the modernization of businesses and the development of digital skills will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the region and improving the quality of life of its residents. The program is an important step toward transforming Podkarpackie into a dynamic and innovative digital region.

The call conducted under the FEPK 2021-2027 program, requires the submission of the following documents, which are prepared by the ThinkIt team:

  • application form
  • project budget, which specifies the expenses and revenues associated with the project
  • a financial plan that includes sources of funding
  • project description, i.e. a document containing a detailed description of the project, its purpose, scope, expected results.

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