Dynamic information system for drivers in Kolobrzeg

parking z kolorowymi samochodami w KołobrzeguThe map of our current activities also includes Kolobrzeg, where we are supporting the city in preliminary work related to the "System of dynamic information for drivers: including parking information and variable message signs as part of the Intelligent Transport System in Kolobrzeg".

The task of our team is to develop a comprehensive documentation of the Functional and Utility Program, which will include, among other things, technical and functional assumptions, preparation of necessary materials and applications (including opinions, expert opinions and analyses). Another element is the preparation of a Detailed Description of the Subject of the Order, as well as the estimation of costs and time required to complete this task. At a later stage, we will also support the city of Kolobrzeg in selecting a contractor.

The subject of intelligent transportation is known and liked by us, so we are very pleased that another local government is using our services, which are based on a great deal of knowledge and experience.