European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate and Environment 2021-2027- FENX.03 Urban Transport.

fundusz europejski

In the first quarter of 2024 the call for applications for funding under the European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate and Environment Program, Measure FENX.03.01 Urban Transport was launched. The aim of this measure is to support sustainable multimodal urban mobility as part of the transformation towards a zero-emission economy, which will translate into improved quality and efficiency of urban transport in Poland. The main objectives of the program include modernizing transport infrastructure, reducing the negative impact of transport on the environment and increasing accessibility and comfort for passengers. Funding can be obtained for projects concerning, among others, linear infrastructure investments: rail infrastructure (streetcars, subways); infrastructure investments: transfer hubs (including: P&R parking lots outside city centers); infrastructure investments: in the field of ITS (urban ITS systems, IT solutions, ticketing and passenger information systems); rail rolling stock (streetcars, subways); Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. Within the framework of the program, PLN 7,830,000,000 is earmarked to subsidize projects submitted for competition.

As part of this call, we have conducted advisory services for several local governments, among which are worth mentioning:

  • City of Świnoujście
  • City of Kraków
  • City of Jelenia Góra
  • City of Kołobrzeg
  • City of Kalisz

At the request of the above-mentioned units, we have prepared application documentation, including a feasibility study for a transport project, cost-benefit analysis, economic analysis, demand and risk analysis, traffic model analysis.

In our list of ongoing projects, we also included tasks for the development of a functional-utility program - also on the subject of transportation and ITS.

We keep our fingers crossed for the success of the current projects and encourage cooperation with other entities wishing to modernize transport infrastructure.