Fire Alarm System at the Regional Specialist Hospital in Grudziadz

szpilki i sznurkiWe are pleased to announce that we have started cooperation with the Regional Specialist Hospital in Grudziadz, for which we are developing a Functional and Utility Program for the task of designing, manufacturing, supplying, assembling, commissioning and programming a complete Fire Alarm System, fire automation and Voice Evacuation System. The tasks of our experts will include:

  • Preparation of a complete inventory for design purposes, preparation of necessary analyses, concepts and expert opinions;
  • Developing, in accordance with applicable regulations and standards, design documentation in consultation with a fire protection expert;
  • Preparation of fire scenarios for Hospital facilities;
  • Modernization of the DSO notification system or construction of a new DSO system;
  • Carrying out analyses and measurements confirming the possibility of using the existing one

We invite you to cooperate with us!