Gorzów Wielkopolski is getting ready to implement an integrated system of mobile public transport services

zielone autobusyThe next point on the map of our activities is Gorzów Wielkopolski, where the ThinkIt team will provide comprehensive services in the field of assistance and technical advice in the preparation of a public procurement procedure for the implementation of a ticket distribution system as part of the task entitled: "Integrated system of mobile public transport services ". The tasks of ThinkIt will include the development of a complete OPZ, guidelines for the Specification of Contract Terms, including the conditions for participation in the procedure, tender evaluation criteria, as well as elements of the contract draft. At a later stage, we will support the City in providing answers to potential Contractors, and, if necessary, we will develop changes to the OPZ. We hope that our experience in the process of selecting contractors will allow us to meet all customer expectations, and as a result, trouble-free implementation of planned solutions.