Health care infrastructure

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On behalf of the Hospital in Pila, we have prepared the application documentation for the project "Upgrading the Stanislaw Staszic Specialist Hospital in Pila with medical equipment
and IT solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of provided services" for the call for
applications for funding under sub-measure 9.1.1 "Health care infrastructure" of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program.

The stated goal of the project is to be achieved by retrofitting the facility with medical equipment such as a mammotomic biopsy system, a digital mobile X-ray machine, an urological holmium laser, hemodialysis machines, a gynecological and radiological ultrasound machine. The hospital also plans to obtain funding to support the unit's internal processes through the implementation of software for record-keeping, medical apparatus management, IT and technical infrastructure.

Preparing such material requires us not only to have a general knowledge of proposal writing, but also to be familiar with a range of materials about specific medical equipment, a large amount of data on the number of patients, procedures performed, and a map of health needs, which is an important part of justifying planned purchases. Nevertheless, we very much enjoy working with medical facilities and supporting their development, as this is a special field of activity that serves the public.