Intelligent road safety system

bezpieczeństwo na drogachWithin the framework of cooperation with the "Cooperation Fund" Foundation, we are developing a Functional and Utility Program for the project entitled: "Construction of an intelligent road safety system for the functional area of Makowski, Przasnysz and Pułtusk counties" as part of the strategic project entitled. "Safety on the roads of Northern Mazovia". The study will include 15 local government units from the Mazovian province. The aim of the project is to reduce the number of collisions and road accidents and, above all, accidents involving injuries and fatalities. The system that will be designed and then built will improve road safety and the comfort of travel for users.

In the implementation of the order, our experts will perform, among other things:

  • Analysis and routing of the intelligent road safety system
  • Analysis and delineation of safety elements of road infrastructure
  • Analysis of the so-called bottlenecks in the course of the route of the intelligent safety system, barriers and terrain collisions with various elements of infrastructure
  • Identification of the necessary investments required for the intelligent road safety system
  • Inventory of current and planned engineering elements and intelligent road safety systems, as well as the scope and methods of their integration

With the vast knowledge and experience of our team, we believe that our contribution to the "Safety on the Roads of Northern Mazovia" project will contribute to increasing road safety in the region.