IT Project Management for General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD)

fotoradarLast month, we signed a contract with the General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD) to provide professional IT consulting services to support the management of the project titled "Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the automatic traffic surveillance system", which is a continuation of the project titled "Construction of the central automatic traffic surveillance system" carried out in 2011-2015 under the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013. The aim of the project in question is to improve road safety through the use of automatic traffic surveillance.
The ThinkIt team, managing the project, will be responsible for carrying out, among other things, the following tasks:

  • preparation of analyses, opinions and recommendations in the IT area and verification of documentation produced under the project
  • support in quality control of project products
  • testing of the produced solution, products and participation in implementation work
  • monitoring the status of the project
  • selection of IT solutions enabling project implementation

We are very pleased to cooperate with and for the benefit of GITD.