Modernization of ticketing systems in Kalisz and Ostrów Wielkopolski

AutobusIntelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) can already be found in many cities in Poland, and they are constantly being developed. These systems combine modern information and communication technologies, as well as transportation infrastructure and vehicles. All this is done to improve safety and increase transportation efficiency with simultaneous environmental protection measures.

Currently, for the cities of Kalisz and Ostrów Wielkopolski, we are working on a project entitled "Expansion and integration of IT and ITS systems in public transportation of the cities of Kalisz and Ostrów Wielkopolski," under which a task will be carried out entitled "Delivery and implementation for Kalisz Bus Lines in Kalisz and Miejski Zakład Komunikacji in Ostrów Wielkopolski of the following systems: collection of transportation fees, bus traffic supervision, bus monitoring, acquisition of data on performed transportation, and expansion of dynamic passenger information systems of the cities of Kalisz and Ostrów Wielkopolski."

The ThinkIt Consulting team's responsibilities include:

  • Development of the functional-utility program;
  • Development of the Terms and Conditions of Procurement with required attachments, including needs and requirements analysis;
  • Support in the application process for Project funding;
  • Support to the Contracting Authority and Partners in conducting the public procurement procedure for selection of the Contractor.

The Project will be implemented under the European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate and Environment 2021-2027, action FENX.03.01. "Urban Transport".
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