Observatory of the development of the Krakow Metropolis

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Beautiful summer weather outside and we're not slowing down. We are starting advisory work for the Krakow Metropolitan Association (SMK) by providing an advisory service, under which we will prepare the documents necessary for the implementation of the Krakow Metropolis Development Observatory.

The aim of the Observatory is to enable the Krakow Metropolis Association to study and monitor metropolitan development, and to provide partners with reliable information that will be used in the process of making key decisions for the area. The observatory will also allow monitoring the level of implementation of projects resulting from the supra-local development strategy - SMK 2030.

The Observatory of the Development of the Krakow Metropolis will primarily be used to:

  1. collecting, aggregating, analyzing and processing data, including spatial data (using GIS tools),
  2. visualizing data and making them widely available to both public and private entities in various user-friendly formats and via a web portal,
  3. publication of analytical and diagnostic studies,
  4. presenting the effects and territorial impact of projects implemented by SMK and associated communes.

Our advisory activities focus mainly on preparation of the Observatory's concept and development of a feasibility study.