We develop processes for EZD RP based on the BPMN Camunda platform

Kod pod lupąContinuation of business process modeling - this time we analyze, model and simulate business processes for the Scientific and Academic Computer Network - National Research Institute (NASK-PIB), which implements the project called "EZD RP - electronic documentation management in public administration", co-financed by funds from the European Regional Development Fund and from the state budget under Measure 2.2. "Digitization of back-office processes in government administration" of Priority Axis II "E-administration and open government" of the Operational Program Digital Poland for 2014-2020.

When modeling processes in which operations require interaction with the EZD RP system, we use the External Tasks (BPMN Service Task) of the Camunda engine. In the field of process simulation, in the C # language we implement the so-called External Task using REST API in the form of mock-ups allowing simulation of integration with the EZD RP system.

Saying it more simply: we create a dedicated application that is integrated with EZD RP and processes applications according to the methods described in BPMN diagrams, using the Camunda engine.