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Smart City in Krynica-Zdroj

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We are working intensively on the preparation of three studies for the city of Krynica Zdrój, created as part of the project "DIALOG, Action Innovation Activities People Openness Readiness". As part of the order, we create a catalog of tools for activating residents, we prepare a publication of good practices containing recommendations for effective planning of spa development based on the smart city idea and a guide on the use of the Living Lab method in city management.

In addition to theoretical elements related to the basic issues in a given field, we also try to show the city in a very practical way in which direction it should go, what it can use and how it should strengthen and develop its potential. It is a task from a series of those that we like very much, because it is part of our previous experience in working with local governments, and this in turn is rich in a number of good practices that can be boldly pointed out to other units as worth using, but also full of these elements which we can absolutely discourage cities from. We are convinced that the theoretical knowledge and a large baggage of previous experience with local governments will allow us to meet the expectations of Krynica Zdrój and create documents that will positively affect the development of this city in every respect.