Monitoring system in Pruszcz Gdański

Patrząc przez Lunetę na panoramę miastaThis time, our team will develop a comprehensive documentation of the functional and utility program for the project "Construction of a monitoring system in Pruszcz Gdański community". We will analyze the assumptions for the location of surveillance cameras as well as elements of technical infrastructure. All monitoring points will be presented on the map, which will be the basis for further work and consultation. We will also provide recommendations for the selection of devices (cameras, recorders, software and elements of the equipment of the viewing stand). In order to ensure the best possible implementation of this action, the analysis will also cover possible systems in the field of ensuring effective data transmission and the possibility of using LTE networks, unbundled bandwidth, fiber optic networks, etc.

We are glad that we can participate in the project aimed at increasing the sense of security of the residents of Pruszcz Gdański community. We will make every effort to ensure that the monitoring system performs its function in the best possible way.