The construction of the Dynamic Passenger Information System in Piła is underway


Activities related to urban mobility are one of our specialties, and each task in this field allows the ThinkIt Team to enrich the experience it already has and derive satisfaction from the next implemented solution.

We are pleased to announce that we will once again cooperate with the city of Piła. This time we will support the local government in the implementation of the project entitled: "Development of low-emission public transport along with the public transport management system in Piła - completion of the construction and implementation of the Dynamic Passenger Information System". As a contract engineer, we will supervise, among others construction works related to the installation of electronic information boards at stops and the execution of power connections and supporting structures, delivery, installation and configuration of SDIP on-board equipment in city buses, equipment in the depot, as well as equipment for the employee of municipal services. We will also watch over the correct launch of the mobile application and website for passengers, as well as training for staff and commissioning of the entire system.

We are starting work and wish ourselves and the city a successful cooperation!