We are building SMART CITY concepts

smart cityIn cooperation with the Malopolska Regional Development Agency (MARR), which is one of the operators of the GovTech program, we advise local government units on the implementation of new technologies and smart city concepts. Over the past few months, we have conducted 48 diagnoses of local governments' technological needs. As a result, some of them have entered, or will in the near future enter, preliminary market consultations, the purpose of which is to obtain as much information as possible directly from potential contractors to prepare descriptions of contract items that meet the needs of the units.

Among the ongoing market consultations announcements on the GovTech platform, we can find topics related to, for example:

  • a system for streamlining telephone and electronic customer service (Radomyśl Wielki municipality);
  • design and development of an application - a comprehensive tourist mobile guide (Jerzmanowice-Przeginia municipality).

Thanks to the cooperation of our experts and local government representatives so far, we are getting closer to starting the selection of contractors in such topics as:

  • creation and implementation of an innovative technological solution in the form of an application dedicated to monuments located in the Kraków district;
  • design and implementation of a System (Platform) that will streamline and automate the management processes of the Municipal Office and Municipal Organizational Units and integrate the services of suppliers in the formula of intelligent e-city in the city of Jarosław;
  • design and implementation of the Municipal Data Collection and Processing System in the city of Krakow;
  • design and implementation of an application for land control in the Gorlice Municipality area;
  • design and implementation of a System that will streamline and automate the processes of data management and comparison of declared data in the Pleśna Municipality Office;
  • the execution and implementation of an innovative IT tool in the form of a labor market observatory designed for employers and job seekers from the Bochnia District.

Information on further consultations and competitions will be posted soon. We hope that, in the end, each of these projects will bring the expected results and will be successfully implemented in local governments.